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综合写作讨论一种giant bird 会不会飞。

Sample answer:

The reading and listening discuss about the possible explanations regarding to whether the giant bird can fly. The passage mentions three observations to demonstrate why the giant bird cannot fly. Whereas, the professor totally refutes the three reasons presented in the passage.

Firstly, the professor rebuts the reading’s idea that the giant bird has lifting-off problems, for its wingspan is too large, thus it cannot fly. The professor claims the giant bird takes off by running start, which is indicated by its big feet and bones.

Secondly, the professor contradicts reading’s statement that the giant bird does not possess strong muscle structures to support its continuous fight. The professor mentions that the giant bird can catch a so-called warm current in the air just like eagles do, and it can keep flying without moving its wings.

At last, the passage states that according to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, every species evolves its useful advantages, and the giant bird’s wings are useless in hunting for preys or in avoiding the threats from predators, so it cannot fly. However, the professor explains that wings bring benefits to the giant bird. Because the bird preys on dead animals, so it needs to cover long distance to look for food in large areas.



Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

If you and someone have been friends for a long time, you continue your friendship even if she does something you don’t like.
















One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. Thus when exposed to the topic whether we should try to keep the friendship when something unhappy occurs, I strongly contend that we should.

Nothing will be completely perfect in the world. Everyone was born to be a distinctive individual. We have different family education, growing up experiences, as well as characteristics, which gradually result in our possessing different values. Therefore our tastes and behaviors can never be the same. And thus it is quite acceptable that our friends may do something that we do not like, because they are not us. If we are looking for a friend who will never make us annoyed , we are not going to find one in reality. Besides it’s hardly a fair criticism that our friends have errors. We have never been close to perfect and sometimes it might be our faults . Once I read a short story about how to get along well with each other between two friends. And let’s call one girl Ann and the other Lucy. Ann did not like eating eggs while Lucy did. So every-time when Ann got one egg, she would directly give it to Lucy. However, one day when Ann wanted to have a taste of the egg, she just kept the egg without giving it to Lucy, which made Lucy quite angry. From this story, I think all of us need to ponder deeply over a question whether we have taken what our friends do for us for granted.

Besides, a considerate attitude is a must in true friendship. When something unhappy happens, we often tend to blame others. And in most cases, this way will worsen an embarrassing situation. The wise way is to examine ourselves first. Sometimes it is we who need to apologize to our friends. In other cases, if we realize our friends really make mistakes which quite hurt us, it is advisable that we tell them in a harmless way. I believe this is the most desirable method which can deepen our friendship,enable our friends to perfect themselves as well as make us more popular.

Finally, friends are lights in winter: the older the friend, the brighter the light.Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them”. Old friends are our valuable treasures. They are the ones who know our merits and demerits, who encourage us when we get depressed, who pick us up when we fall down, and who will company us when we are alone. If one day, they offend us by doing something we do not like, what we are supposed to do is figuring out what’s wrong with our friendship and doing our best to continue it instead of just blaming our friends or breaking up the friendship.

In a word, friendship will probably never be perfect, but that’s a small price to pay for what it does offer and we need to be responsible for maintaining it no matter what happens.


Criticism 批评

Ponder over 深思

Take for granted 认为…理所当然

Considerate 体贴的

Ralph Waldo Emerson 美国作家,“超验主义”代表人物

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.老友的好处之一就是你可与之耍疯扮痴。




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